Your domain name has expired, how do you get it back?

With no warning your email stops coming, your website is offline, and any paid marketing you are doing is suddenly a giant waste of money with people being directed to an error page. Hello, your domain name has very likely expired. I know, it’s the 2020’s and you’d think this wouldn’t be a thing anymore. But it sure is…

So just how does this happen? Especially when there are often many fail-safes in place from your registrar?

Well, it happens generally, through a lack of oversight, as someone thinks someone else is managing it. Except that person left the business 10 months ago. No one’s checking their email or they used a personal Hotmail address for the reminders. I see this a lot – often it’s a part-time staff member who is hired to do specific work, they leave and there’s very poor follow-through.

Or, perhaps the right person is still there, they are just not getting the domain email renewals for some reason (or perhaps they thought it was a scam).

Maybe the renewal notices are going to spam or just not even making it to the junk folder at all.

The good news is that if you catch this early enough (and most people notice within hours), the domain name can be renewed and just like magic everything will go back to how it was. In New Zealand, you have 90 days to renew an expired domain name. After that, it’s open season on your domain.

So, just don’t let this be a risk, have systems in place – even a simple calendar reminder can save the day.

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