Special Children's Christmas Party

Growing up in a large family I was lucky enough to experience a classic Kiwi upbringing and wonderful Christmasses. All children deserve the chance to have some fun and be spoiled at Christmas time. If you want to find out more about this great event and how you can get involved the be sure to look at their website.

UNICEF Covid-19 Appeal

UNICEF and The Salvation Army have come together at this time of crisis to reach thousands of Kiwi families in need, by delivering food and hygiene supplies to New Zealand children and families.

You can donate as well online at https://covid19.unicef.org.nz/



Kakapo Recovery

Birds have long fascinated me, especially New Zealand native birds such as the very rare and endangered kākāpō. So when I heard about the threat they were under, due to the fungal infection aspergillosis, on Codfish Island (Whenua Hou) I felt compelled to contribute.

If you want to find out more about this amazing bird and what is being done to help ensure its survival then I recommend checking out the Department of Conservation's kākāpō recovery webpage.


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