Discover & Brief

I'll start by asking you questions about your business and why you need a new website. I'll dig down and find out what you're after and what you'd like to achieve. I'll ask you to complete the website project enquiry form.

Proposal or Package

After I've gone through the discovery and briefing stage with you, I'll have a good idea of whether you fit within one of the website design packages, or whether you'll need a custom website proposal and quote. Once you've agreed to either the proposal or the package we'll move into creating the look for the website.

Design the Look

Once I have enough information and content from you, I'll start on the design of the website concepts, which will show the homepage layout and look. The concepts are emailed through to you for your review and feedback. Once we've finalised the look of the website I'll move into developing it.

Develop & Build

I'll now turn the design concepts into a working website and add in the content for the homepage and one 'inside page'. I'll then then present the working website to you for you to review again. If you're happy with how it's all working, I'll move forward and build the rest of the pages.

Sign Off & Deliver

After adding all of the content, features and functionality to the website, I'll ask you to do a final review and to 'sign off' the website. I'll then deliver the website by making it 'go live' under your domain name.

Train & Support

Once the site is live, I'll provide you with training materials so you know how to update it and provide you with ongoing support as needed. To ensure you get the most out of your website investment you can sign up to one of my website care plans.

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