About Web Matters, a Christchurch Web Design Business

The Web Matters story is also the Michelle Sullivan story and my journey to being a self-employed web designer. The idea of becoming self-employed came out of a need to work in a way that aligned with my values of fairness, professionalism and honesty. I realised the only way to work for a company that consistently upheld those values was to create my own.

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Back in 1995, when I built my first ever website, the web was a very different place. But, the basic principles of website design and marketing have remained very much the same - you must build a website and online presence that resonates with your target audience.

Web Matters company history:

  • Started in 2006
  • Is a New Zealand LTD Company
  • Based in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Specialises in building and servicing small to medium websites for all types of business
  • Provides training in WordPress
  • Provides WordPress support (website checkups) and consultation

Over the many years I've been in this industry, I've heard stories from new clients about the negative things they've experienced from web freelancers or agencies. Businesses have lost domain names and even entire websites. Many experience 'ghosting' by their their web person - with calls and emails getting no response. That's why I work very hard to take away some of the unknowns around paying for a web service, by being upfront and very transparent about costs and the process. Every prospective client gets a very detailed onboarding document that explains in plain English how my website process works.

I've endeavoured to make getting a website designed, built, fixed or updated easy and stress-free. Even from day one in my business, I knew nurturing long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships was very important.  I'm happy to say I've achieved this and much more - with many clients clocking up 15 or more years with me. Michelle

From day one, my goal has been to provide a personalised and friendly web design and management service.

When you are in business for yourself, it's sometimes difficult to really understand the value you bring to your clients. But, one day, as I was trying in vain to solve a frustrating admin issue, I had sudden realisation that I needed someone like me. "I wish I had someone in business for themselves, who I could call right now, and who knew me and my business and had been working with me for years. Someone reliable who I could really trust". It was then that I realised, I was that person for many other people. My clients know, they can pick up the phone or send an email, and they will reach me, and I'll understand what they need and respond quickly and efficiently. Michelle

The main advantages of working with a small business like Web Matters

  • You will get continuity of service over many years
  • I will develop a rapport with you and an easy working relationship
  • I understand business  (I've been a multiple business founder, a manager and a director of multiple companies)
  • Benefit from many years of website and digital business experience (going back to 1995)
  • You will always be more than a 'project to be managed.'
  • Always dealing directly with the owner of the company

"Michelle, you made a process I was terrified about painless and even enjoyable. You didn't just transform the site, it was your interaction with me that I truly appreciate; at all times competent, friendly, no-jargon, great at explaining, great at doing. 10 stars out of 5!"

Annette Taylor

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