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Your Squarespace website, built for you.

Do you want a Squarespace website but don’t have the time to do it yourself? Then my Squarespace Website Design and Build Service is the perfect solution. This Squarespace website package will be an excellent launching point for growing and developing your Squarespace website.

Squarespace Website Design & Build Web Package

Here’s what I include in my Squarespace Website package. This will give you a fully working Squarespace template website with up to seven pages. If you think you will need more pages or some advanced features like e-commerce, let’s chat.

Initial Consultation

We will discuss your vision, goals, and requirements. This will help me understand your brand’s personality, target audience, and unique selling points. We will complete the consultation via a Zoom call.

Template Selection

Squarespace offers many website templates, so I will help you choose the best one that fits your brand and style. The package includes one template installation and set up, so we want to get it right the first time.  

Design Customisation

I will customise the chosen template with colours, fonts, and layout adjustments to match your branding. I will ensure the website’s design is consistent with your brand’s visual identity, creating a cohesive and professional look and feel across all pages.  

Content & SEO

I will create up to seven pages of content and ensure that each page’s content is well-structured and optimised for search engines. If you prefer, I can start with some AI-generated text for each page. I will also do the page titles, descriptions, and URL slugs to improve the site’s search engine visibility.

Responsive Design

I will ensure the site looks great on all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. I will test the website’s responsiveness, ensuring it is fully functional and user-friendly on the most popular screen sizes. 

Handover & Training 

I will provide a one-hour training session via Zoom to show you how to manage and update the site. I will teach you how to add new pages, modify content, upload images, and more so you can update your content. Web Matters will be available for updates and support as needed.

Laptop on desk with the Squarespace homepage displayed.

The Squarespace Web design process

How it works…

The Squarespace website is password-protected and built under the Web Matters account using a temporary Squarespace website address. Once the site is ready for your feedback, I invite you to view it. We then work together to tweak the site, changing the content of each page as needed.

When we are ready to go live with the site, I’ll add you as a Squarespace user and transfer ownership of the website to you. You’ll then pick a Squarespace plan and activate it.

Once the Squarespace plan is activated, I will change your domain name details so your domain name goes to your new Squarespace site. You will now be the owner of the website and have full access. Web Matters will also have access (unless it’s removed), so we can assist you whenever needed.

All charges from Squarespace will be paid by you directly.

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