Ensuring consistency in your branding

It may seem obvious, but it's surprising how often websites ignore a company's brand guidelines or make their logo too small. In the web industry, there's a joke that you're not a true web designer until a client asks you to "make the logo bigger" or "make the design pop." While it's sometimes amusing, it can also be a valid request.

Make the important things obvious.

Your webpage's content will be organized in a logical "visual hierarchy," where the most important information is prominently displayed. This may seem like common sense, but it's surprising how frequently websites fail to follow this principle.

Simple, Uncluttered and Easy to Use and Navigate

Websites with overwhelming information without a clear structure can be difficult to navigate and fail to communicate their message effectively. I prefer to keep websites simple and user-friendly, which requires a logical and uncomplicated design.

The Rule of Thirds

Whether you have experience in design, photography, or gardening, you may have come across the rule of thirds or 'odds.' This principle suggests that a layout is more visually appealing when presented in thirds or an uneven configuration such as 3, 5, or 7. Personally, I apply this rule only when it's appropriate for the situation.

Use call to action elements

I can help you create effective call-to-action graphics or sign-up forms to encourage your website visitors to act. Examples of call-to-action prompts include inviting visitors to join a mailing list, filling out an enquiry form, or downloading a free document.

Something I can be proud of

If I wouldn't feel comfortable displaying the design in my portfolio, it will never be presented to you - as simple as that. I'll only give you my best work and something I can proudly display on my portfolio page.

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