Follow the Branding

This seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how often this gets ignored - with websites that are completely unsympathetic to a company's branding or values. The design concepts we will present will be in keeping with your branding and colours.

Make the Important Obvious

Your web page content will be displayed within a logical 'visual hierarchy' with the most important information the most visible and obvious. No one should have to hunt for your email address or phone number.

Simple, Uncluttered and Easy to Use and Navigate

Websites that are cluttered up with too much information and no clear hierarchy are hard to use and don't get their message across. We like to keep websites easy to use, and that usually means a simple design.

Adhere to the Rule of Odds

If you've ever done any design or photography, the rule of thirds or 'odds' is something you'll be familiar with. If not, then it simply means that a layout is more pleasing if presented in thirds or an uneven configuration (3, 5, 7 etc). You'll see we've done this with our own website and we'll do it with yours too.

Include Call to Actions

We will include obvious call to action graphics and content sections in order to engage your website visitors into doing whatever it is that you want them to do. Call to actions can be things like asking people to join a mailing list, complete an enquiry form or downloading a document.

Something I can be proud of

If I wouldn't feel comfortable displaying the design in my portfolio, it will never be presented to you - as simple as that. So, I'll only give you my best work and something I can proudly display on my portfolio page.

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