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I'm Michelle Sullivan, a Christchurch website designer with many years of experience designing and building websites. I have extensive experience with WordPress websites. I am a Shopify Partner and can assist you with Shopify e-commerce website builds. I am also a Squarespace Circle member so clients can benefit from that advantage (which includes extended free trial periods). In addition to building websites, I help improve websites and troubleshoot common WordPress website problems.

Many of my clients refer to me as their 'web lady' and seek my advice on website-related matters.

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I work in and support the following website platforms:

Here's what I can do for you...

I can build you a great-looking and highly functional website or online shop, and I am here and ready to help you advance in your business and, when needed, get you out of a web pickle.

What I've been working on recently

  • WooCommerce - changed the variable pricing display to add 'from' before the lowest price. Rather than showing the highest and lowest prices.
  • WooCommerce - added +GST after main product pricing.
  • Shopify + SunSky Drop shipping set up - integrated a SunSky app into a Shopify store to add dropshipping items to the site. This set up imports the products directly from SunSky.
  • WordPress digital downloads website using SureCart.
  • WordPress fixes for a new support client, including improvements to colours used on the site, and sorting out a lack of licensing for commercial plugins.
  • Squarespace content updates for a new client.


Read how I helped a family business grow.

How and why I do web design work

My clients are my top priority, so I invested a lot of time refining my web design processes and skills. I'll always work in your best interests so we can grow your business while making it easy for you. I'll also be very transparent about what I think you need and what it will cost.

I do this work because it's fun and gratifying when I can help someone grow their business or find ways to make things more efficient. And in some cases, I know I've helped a business survive tough times.

What makes me different?

My long and varied experience in the web industry sets me apart—my attention to detail, commitment to learning, and willingness to go the extra mile. My web clients know they can pick up the phone or email me, and they will reach me. I'll understand what they need and respond quickly and efficiently.

If you've ever struggled to get help or been misled by the support you did get, you'll find it refreshing to work with someone who is not only accessible but knows your business and cares.


Latest web posts from my web design blog

With my blog posts, I cover important areas relating to doing business online and issues that are often specific to WordPress.

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