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When you get a website with Web Matters you also get a business partnership, with someone who can guide you on matters relating to the web, and who can keep you out of a web pickle.

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I'm Michelle Sullivan, a Christchurch website designer with many years of experience in designing and building websites and running web design companies.

Much of my work is maintaining the many websites I've built since I've been in business. I also take on new clients for brand new builds, and will also consider maintaining websites I've not built.

To enquire about getting a new website complete my website project enquiry form and to make a quick general enquiry, complete my contact form.

Picture of Michelle Sullivan, a web designer from Christchurch New Zealand
Michelle Sullivan, Christchurch Website Designer

What I can do for you..

Many of my clients refer to me as their 'web lady' and see me as their 'go to' person for all website-related things. That means I can build you a website or an online store and care for it as long as needed. I can do a website audit of your existing WordPress website and fix any problems I discover. I can teach you how to update your own WordPress website. Write the content for your website and help set you up with e-mail marketing. I also do basic SEO work to help you rank better in the search engines.

My Web Services

Custom Website Design

Get a custom built website with an original design, based on the exact specifications you need.

Website Starter Packages

Get a beautiful modern website at an affordable price by using a starter template and website package.

E-Commerce with Shopify

Get a head start on the launch of your Shopify store with help technical and creative help from a Shopify Partner.

Website Care Plans

Stop struggling with your own WordPress issues and get a professional on the job with daily backups, and content updates.

WordPress Website Training

Learn how to make updates on your WordPress website with one-on-one training via Zoom.


Stuck for words? Have some of ours. We can write new copy for your web pages and blog posts, and polish up your existing copy.

Read how I helped a family business grow.

How and why I do web design work.

My clients are my top priority, so I've invested a lot of time into refining my web design processes. That helps to make your experience of getting a website a smooth one. I'll always work in your best interests, so we can grow your business - all the while making it easy for you. I'll also be completely transparent and honest about what I think you need and what it's going to cost. I do this work because largely it's fun, and immensely rewarding when I can help someone grow their business or find ways to make things more efficient.

What makes me different?

There are a lot of choices online for creating a website. You can try and go it alone with a DIY solution, or call one of the many larger web design companies. OR, you can work with someone in business for themselves and get a very personalised service.

My clients know they can pick up the phone or send an email, and they will reach me, and I'll understand what they need and respond quickly and efficiently. That's the difference I make. And if you've ever struggled to get help online, you'll know how refreshing it is to work with someone who is not only accessible and who cares.

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