WordPress Website Check Up Overview

A WordPress-powered website offers a robust and versatile platform for your business. Tens of thousands of themes and plugins are developed by large companies and individual web developers, so WordPress maintenance must be managed diligently. A single outdated plugin or theme could compromise the entire website.

The WordPress checkup service evaluates the health of your WordPress installation and identifies potential issues.

The WordPress Checkup service is helpful when:

  • You think the WordPress setup is fine, but you can't be certain as you are not a WordPress expert.
  • Your WordPress website has errors and is a bit broken, so first, we diagnose and then treat. We need a good understanding of the setup, so we don’t inadvertently make the issue worse.
  • You would like Web Matters to take over the website's management and/or web hosting (a WordPress checkup is a prerequisite to us taking over the website management).
  • You would like Web Matters to do some content updates on your WordPress website, and Web Matters didn’t build your website.

What the checkup covers:

The WordPress checkup looks at the overall health of your WordPress installation and setup, focusing on what we call the ‘backend’ of the website. You’ll get a report on what I find and my recommendations. 

Please note that this is not a comprehensive look at all aspects of the WordPress setup; instead, the goal is to find any pressing issues, looking at the areas of WordPress that can significantly impact the reliability and security of your website. The checkup service does not cover the public end of the website, such as the design, usability, performance, content, and mobile responsiveness, etc.

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Price $ 285 + GST (NZD)

Why get a WordPress Check Up?

Preventing issues with a WordPress website is easier than repairing one that's broken, hacked, or offline. The risk to your site increases without the support of a WordPress professional. Finding help post-incident can be difficult, as not all WordPress developers are willing to tackle existing problems.

Being well-informed about potential issues enables you to make informed decisions regarding your website's future. A good starting point is to get a review of your WordPress installation and configuration.

Common WordPress Issues

These are some of the most common issues I find - and they could individually or collectively have a negative impact on a website's future security or stability.

  • Outdated plugins & themes
  • Plugins that can't be updated
  • Plugins and themes that are no longer supported or have been abandoned by their developer(s)
  • Plugins and themes that are installed but not in use
  • Unlicensed plugins and themes - often supplied by the web designer, but they've let the license lapse
  • No offsite backups set up (relying solely on the web host backups)
  • The PHP version is out of date (running insecure PHP versions)
  • No security plugin in use, or it’s not optimally set up
  • No SSL certificate installed
  • Web enquiry forms are not making it to the end recipient.
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