Hourly Rate

My hourly rate is $110 + GST (NZ dollars) per hour with a minimum charge of $65 + GST.

Quick Summary

  • All invoicing is sent out via Xero.com
  • Invoices are due within seven days
  • You can pay via internet banking or credit card—a link to pay online via Credit Card is automatically included in every Xero invoice.

Charging Methods

My work is quite varied, so I use different charging methods based on the level of changes or the service being offered. Here are the following methods.

By the Hour (less than 10 hours)

For work that is less than 10 hours you can instruct me via email and/or by using a website feedback tool. I recommend the Markup.IO collaboration service as it's an easy way to provide instructions on what you'd like changed on your website.

Once I have a good idea of how extensive the changes are, I will provide you with an estimate and use a time tracker to track my hours.

Project Based with Quote Provided

For work that will exceed 10 hours, or which has some complexity, I will provide you with a formal scope of work that lists the exact changes that are being made to the website, along with deliverables (what you are getting), stages (how the work is broken up), timelines (when the work will be delivered), and outcomes (how the work will benefit your business or solve issues). You will be asked to sign the proposal online and a 50% deposit payment will be due on acceptance.

Fixed Monthly Fee

I offer website care plans that provide a fixed number of updates and maintenance tasks for a monthly fee, with the flexibility of a month-to-month subscription. You can select from my range of care plan packages, or I can tailor a care plan to fit your unique requirements and budget, including services such as software updates, backups, blog post publishing, and content updates.

Fixed One Off Fee / Packages

I sell several services at one-off fixed fees. These include website design and build packages and WordPress services such as WordPress training and WordPress checkups.

Payment terms and how to pay

Payment terms are 7 days from the invoice date. Once this date has passed, you will get an automated overdue reminder.

Please make your accounts department aware of the payment terms, as any project-based work may be paused until payment has been made for the relevant stage. If we have asked for a deposit payment, we won't commence work until payment has been made,

You can pay in the following ways:

Bank Transfer: You can pay via bank transfer (the Web Matter’s bank  account details are listed on all of my invoices).

Credit Card: I accept major credit cards via Stripe / Xero. If you wish to pay by credit card, please follow the Pay Now link from within the Xero invoice.

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