My clients are quite eclectic, with many different types and sizes of businesses. That means I can bring a lot of business experience to each new project, whether it's a new website build, or sorting out WordPress issues.

Some clients have million-dollar turnovers, others are ma and pa' type businesses and then there's everything in between - including other freelancers and the self-employed. As a one-person website design company, I choose my work and my clients carefully. If I think a potential project is not a good fit I'll refer them on to other web designers or developers who are a better match. I won't take work on for the sake of having any work.

I work best with people and businesses that are:

Goal Oriented

They know what they want to achieve and have specific goals in mind. They just need someone like me to cut through all the technical stuff and help make it happen.


Enthusiastic & Positive

It's so much easier to work with people when they are enthusiastic about their work, their business and have a positive mindset. It makes the whole website design process that much easier.

Willing to Follow a Process

Building a website involves hundreds of small tasks. I do most of those, but I also need my clients to complete some of them. To make sure all of those tasks are completed properly and on time, I have a process which I ask clients to follow.

Good Communicators

Clearly communicated requirements and instructions help ensure the success of the website project.

Will Invest Time

They are ready and prepared to commit the time into preparing the website content and providing feedback in a timely manner.

Realistic about Budgets*

Doing things properly takes time. That means I need a realistic budget to work with. Once you've completed my website project enquiry I'll have a better idea of what we can do for your budget.

Where my work comes from...

A lot of my new website work comes through client referrals or recommendations from design and marketing agencies and my wider network. I also welcome enquiries from people outside of that network who find me online somehow (mostly through a Google search).

Over the years, I’ve designed and built many different websites for all types of businesses and the self-employed. I particularly enjoy working with other freelancers and self-employed people as I understand some of the challenges you can face when it’s just you.

My work is interesting and quite varied as you will see from the list below, I've worked with many different types of industries.


Industries I've worked with:

Accommodation Providers – Accountants - Alpaca Breeders – Arborists – Artists - Bloggers - Consulting Engineers - Counsellors - Dentists - Doctors - Early Childhood Centres - Florists - Fly Fishing Guides - Food Manufacturers - Furniture Designers - Helicopter companies - Home Stagers - Hunting Guides - Interior Designers - IT & Tech Firms   - Kitchen Designers - Landscape Architects - Orchardists - Packaging Manufacturers - Performing Arts - Pet Food Manufacturers - Primary Schools - Real Estate Agents - Relationship Coaches - Romance Novelists - Social Services - Surveyors - Swim Schools - Vineyards - Wedding Celebrants - Wellness Coaches - Yoga Teachers

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