If you've landed on this page because of one of these web dilemmas, keep calm; there's always a way forward.

Domain name pickles

Domain names are theoretically simple but critically important for your business. You register one, set up a website and email address, and somehow, it all functions seamlessly.

However, when issues arise, they can disrupt your website and email services. Avoiding such scenarios is crucial. Let's examine some common domain name-related problems that clients have encountered over time.

You’re not the registrant of YOUR domain name – your web developer is

This shouldn’t happen, but I’ve seen it all too often. The web developer or web agency is listed as the registrant for the domain name. Sometimes, they even use this as leverage to keep a client – or worst still hold them hostage. Basically, if you stop being their client you lose your domain name,…


Your domain name has expired, how do you get it back?

With no warning your email stops coming, your website is offline, and any paid marketing you are doing is suddenly a giant waste of money with people being directed to an error page. Hello, your domain name has very likely expired. I know, it’s the 2020’s and you’d think this wouldn’t be a thing anymore….


What to do when you don’t know who your domain name registrar is

To put a new website live on the web, web designers need to update the technical records of the domain name that is going to be used on the website. This is so the domain name ‘points’ to the website. We generally do this by either changing what is called the A record or the…

  • You can't remember who you registered the domain name through
  • The domain name has expired, with both website and emails not working
  • You discover you are not the legal registrant of the domain name, your web designer is
  • You need to move registrars but you don't have your domain auth code (UDAI code for NZ domains).
  • Another business says your domain name breaches their intellectual property
  • After years of using your domain name, you decide it wasn't the best fit for your business and decide to change
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