Ever found yourself in a (right, royal) internet pickle?

In a Pickle, Definition: (informal) in a difficult situation; in a mess: Things are in a real pickle at the moment, I’m sad to say. My web person disappeared, and my dog ate my website copy.

If you've landed on this page because you have one of these web dilemmas, keep calm, there's always a way forward.

Domain name pickles

Ah domain names - in theory, they are so simple, yet so vitally crucial to your business. You register one for your business, get a website and email address that uses it, and someone it all works like magic.

But when things go wrong, it can take down your website and stop your email. We really want to avoid these scenarios. So let's take a look at some of the domain name related problems I've seen clients struggle with over the years.


Here are some typical domain name problems

  • You can't remember who you registered the domain name through
  • The domain name has expired, with both website and emails not working
  • You discover you are not the legal registrant of the domain name, your web designer is
  • You need to move registrars but you don't have your domain auth code (UDAI code for NZ domains).
  • Another business says your domain name breaches their intellectual property
  • After years of using your domain name, you decide it wasn't the best fit for your business and decide to change
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