Website Exclusions

  • Copy-writing or content generation. All content is to be provided by the client.
  • Images and graphics are to be provided by the client, however, if requested we can source and purchase images on your behalf with the disbursement costs added to the final bill of the website (we will provide you with an approximate cost).
  • Photography – the client is responsible for engaging the services of a photographer if that is required. We can provide photographer recommendations if requested.
  • Translation services – if you require translations of pages, we can provide you with the details of a translation service. Note that there may also be an additional design and build fee to incorporate the translated pages and allow for proper formatting.
  • Logo / branding – we do not provide logo design or branding strategy. Should you require a logo (re)design; we can provide you with the contact details of specialist graphic designers.
  • Proof reading, while we often pick up obvious typos or spelling mistakes, we do not provide a formal proof reading service. Please ensure content provided is spell-checked, uses New Zealand English and is grammatical correct.
  • Typing – I'm a pretty good touch typist, but I've got enough typing to do with the coding of your website. So please provide your written content in a digital format that we can copy and paste from such as a text file, word document or PDF
  • Commercial Fonts - the cost to license any commercial fonts
  • Set up or design assistance with any social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Set up of any newsletter subscription accounts, list creation, email marketing templates (e.g. MailChimp)
  • Set up of a Google Analytics account
  • Google or Facebook Advertising
  • Set up of a Google account
  • Set up of email accounts
  • Hosting of your website
  • Restoration of the website if damaged by a hack
  • Ongoing backups of your website and WordPress installation (unless you are on a care plan)
  • After site launch, upgrade of plugins and themes and fixing any issues related to these will be an additional fee. Content updates post launch will also be an additional fee.
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