How to launch your new website

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

Once your website has been proofed, tested, signed off, uploaded and tested again by your web designer, you can launch the website. After all the hard work it is great to see your website go live! But don’t forget to turn your attention to web marketing to make the most out of your investment.

Let you customers / suppliers / distributors know!

E-mail your customers, suppliers and distributors letting them know the website is now live. Don’t forget to include a link to the website! Ask for feedback about the website.

Directory Listings

Get listed in the Open Directory – This directory is not know to the general Internet but it is very important as it feeds directory results to many of the top search engines.

Get listed in Yahoo! It is well worth it to pay the listing fee for Yahoo! when you consider how influential, popular and well respected it is.

Search Engines

Get your website submitted to the top search engines. If you want to kick start your website listing consider paying for inclusion into the top search engines – most of them have an express listing service and are inexpensive. The Inktomi Paid Inclusion programme is highly recommended by most SEO consultants.

Pay Per Click

Invest in Google’s AdWords, a pay per click programme where you bid on your relevant keywords. The AdWords are the listings you see on the right hand side of the Google search results. Overture is another popular pay per click programme.

Request Links

Request suitable links from other web sites. What is suitable? Reputable web sites that are directory services, or portals, or sites that are in some way complementary to yours.

Publish a Press Release

Send a press release to your local paper or professional journal.

Have a Party

What a great excuse for a party!

Stationery & Signage

Make sure your new website address is on your stationery, vehicle and building signage and any other promotional materials or items you have.

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