Monitoring your new website

Once your web site has been online for 6-8 weeks, do a report on your web site’s results to date. You should have access to your web site’s statistics to check your unique visitors for the last calendar month, and you will be able to see which search engines have started to send you visitors.

Also keep a record of how many enquiries you have had from the website and the resulting sales.

Two months may be a little on the early side to be expecting a return on the money you have spent on the site, but you should certainly do your sums and work out at what point you might expect to recoup the money spent so far.

Also, check your listings on the search engines, at a minimum you should be found on the search engines for your company name and location. It’s much better though if you can also be found in the first three pages of the search results for your relevant keywords. For example if you are a Dog Groomer in Christchurch, New Zealand, you would want to be listed in the top results for “christchurch dog groomers”.

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