The ‘what’s in it for me’ key to web copy writing

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

What’s in it for me, is the question that everyone is silently asking themselves as they go through the decision making process. You need to answer it.
  • Will you help them save time?
  • Or save money?
  • Or both?
  • Will this improve them as a person?
  • Will it benefit their business?

People are looking for benefits and solutions to their problems. So you need to focus on benefits and solutions and not get too hung up about ‘features’. Product features are important and you should still include details about features, but they are not as important as the problem they can solve.

For example:

Client Problem:
Company X needs a user friendly and reliable web host that won’t break the bank.

Service / Product Feature:
Web host X has software that automates web hosting services such as domain name registration and parking, email services and web hosting set up. The prices are also very reasonable.

The Benefit:
The software makes it easy for anyone to register a domain name, and set up email accounts, so you don’t have to be an internet Guru to do it.

Marketing Method:
Web host X should emphasize this benefit saying something like:

“Because of our unique software anyone can set up a web hosting account or register a domain name. It’s as easy as 123″.

This sells the benefit while also mentioning the feature.

Next, you want to personalise your message, addressing your website visitor one on one.

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