How to define your Unique Selling Position (USP) Online

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

Your unique selling position (or proposition) is what sets you apart from your competition. So what is your USP? It could be the personalised service you offer, the speed of your delivery, or the depth of your knowledge about a specialist area.

Once you have identified your unique selling position you need to communicate it clearly and consistently. You can do this by emphasising it throughout your website copy. You could also make it your byline.

Having a well defined Unique Selling Position gives you a competitive edge and has the extra benefit of making you focus your energies so you live up to your USP.

It should convince people that there is a real benefit to using your service. With the clutter of messages that we are bombarded with day and night, online and off-line, you need to put some thought into your message.

So, what is unique about your offering and what’s in it for ME?

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