How to motivate people to buy online

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

Before you can sell to someone they have to be motivated to buy. So you need to know what motivates someone to buy your type of product or service. Motivation is stimulated by desire for needs, or for wants.

This is pretty simplified, but I believe it is a fair comment to suggest that people are motivated and have their behaviour ‘reinforced’ for two reasons:

  1. The hope of gain
  2. The fear of loss

The Hope of Gain

What benefits will I get if I buy this product or service? This is all about the hopes that we all harbor for our future, whether they are personal or professional. Gaining can be making more money, saving more money, having prestige and respect, love, becoming more attractive, and generally increasing your quality of life.

The Fear of Loss

What will happen if I don’t use this service or buy this product? If I don’t buy now the special won’t by running next week and it will cost more. Fear of not getting a bargain, fear of making the wrong choice, fear of being reprimanded by the boss for buying a dud, the fear that another company will not provide a better service and you wish you went with the other company.

So in a Nutshell

Your website has to reinforce the positive things that will happen if they buy your product – while alluding to the negative things that might also happen if they don’t!

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