Designing your website for your target audience

What target audience do you want to attract for you website? Will they be teenagers, 20-35 year olds or are they 35-50 or beyond? Is your audience going to be predominantly male or female, married couples, singles or families?

People of different age groups and genders are going to respond to websites in particular ways, so you need a site design that appeals to the demographic you are targeting. Once your designer knows who you are targeting they can choose the right colours, content and design style so your intended audience relates to your website.

Don’t fall into the mistake of getting a website designed that appeals to you or your CEO. Though you need to like your website (after all you are paying for it), you must always bear in mind your audience and how they will react and interact with your website.

You may like black and chrome as a colour combination for your site, but if you are selling a product or service that appeals to young women you are probably not going to have much luck convincing them to buy from you.

Marketing Business-to-Business (B 2 B)

What if you are selling to other businesses? Then you need to take into consideration the kind of business market you are targeting. If you are marketing to conservative business types (think lawyers and accountants), then make sure your website is going to be conservative and professional. You would make a solid impression by using ‘serious’ colours like dark blues, greens and greys. The same goes if you are a professional offering services to the general public. Do you seriously think your clients will trust you if your site has lots of cute animations on it? You want a stable and dependable look, something that says, “You can trust us – we’re a responsible company”.

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