An introduction to website search engine optimisation

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

Website optimisation includes search engine optimisation and search engine marketing and making your website more persuasive and useful. Off-line marketing can bring visitors to your site, but to get the most out of your website you need to be highly visible on the search engines.

Website optimisation will give you the competitive edge you have been looking for.

If your website has not delivered the results you were hoping for, it could be due to a lack of search engine visibility. Being highly ‘visible’ on the search engines means your site is easy to find for your company name and for the keywords people will use to find your type of product or service (these may even be brand name products that you sell).

The goal with search engine optimisation is to rank in at least the top 20 search engine results for your targeted keywords.

Website optimisation goals include:

  1. Making your website more search engine ready or friendly
  2. Optimising the web pages for targeted and highly relevant keywords
  3. Increasing the overall visibility of your website on the major search engines
  4. Generating more quality visitors
  5. Ensuring that you get a return on your web investment

Getting high rankings is just a part of the web puzzle

Ranking well in Google is a vital element to ensuring your website’s overall success, but it is only one part of the puzzle. If you rank well for your keywords and get a lot of visitors but still don’t get many enquiries or sales, then tweaking your website for keywords is not going to help much.

What you really need is an overall website audit to find out what could be going wrong once a visitor lands on your website.

Even if the search engines love your website, people may not be as convinced.

If you are not getting the enquiries you expected, it could be that people do not find your website to be credible or they could find the navigation confusing, or perhaps the site takes too long to load.

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