Who to include in the website decision making process

Consult with your staff and management team about the website development, as they can provide you with valuable ideas and feedback. Talk to colleagues and friends that have had websites created or re-vamped and ask them about their experiences.

You may also like to consult with your:

  • Advertising or branding company
  • Graphic artist
  • Marketing consultant

If you delegate the web site project to one of your staff, make sure you are briefed at every step of the website creation; otherwise it could be expensive to make major changes if you are presented with a finished product that doesn’t measure up to your expectations.

If you are the staff member that has been landed with the web site project management, make sure your manager is kept well informed, even if they don’t want to be! CC them on any emails from the design company and get them to sign off on designs and development stages. Better still, you can suggest that your company forms a committee to manage the development (then you are all jointly responsible!). Why is this so important? Because I have see web developments go pear shaped because we found out too late that we were not dealing with the actual decision maker or that someone had been left out of the loop. It’s a frustrating experience for all parties, and best avoided.

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