How to Include Calls to Action in your Website Copy

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

Imagine a shopping cart without an ‘add to cart’ option? It would be ridiculous wouldn’t it? Then why do so many websites not even ask for enquiries!

A call to action is simply asking someone to do something, such as:

  • fill in an enquiry form
  • complete a questionnaire
  • purchase a product
  • take up a special offer
  • or subscribe to an online newsletter

It’s about encouraging your visitors to take the desired action or the next step. Many websites forget about this, and their visitors leave in frustration, as they simply didn’t know what to do next. Some sites make their email address or contact details so hard to find it is virtually impossible for people to contact the company. Remember, people have very short attention spans online, so don’t make them work too hard.

Take full advantage of having a website by including these types of ‘calls to action’ throughout your site.

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