Quick Tips to Increase your Online Visibility

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

A primary goal of any business website is to be highly visible online for your target market.  To achieve this you need to rank within the top ten in Google for your industry keyword search phrases  and have links on relevant websites (such as web portals or website directories).

To increase your online visibility you can:

  • Get listed in international and national website directories or websites
  • Buy banner advertising on high profile sites – both nationally and internationally
  • Buy pay per click advertising on Google or social networking sites like Facebook
  • Join social networking sites as a member or advertiser
  • Participate as a member in national and international website forums that relate to your industry
  • Leave comments on blogs (you’ll be permitted to publish your web address as part of your comment)
  • Write articles or blog posts for online newspapers or journals with your byline added and a link back to your website
  • And finally, the one strategy that can have the highest return on investment is to have your site search engine optimised (SEO) so it is more relevant for your industry keyword phrases.
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