How to create a MailChimp API Key to connect your website and mailing list

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

Creating a MailChimp API key is super easy, it’s just not immediately obvious how to do it, so here are some quick instructions on how to go about it. First up, some background information.

An API key allows two apps to connect, so in this case, it will be your website connecting to your MailChimp account. With a MailChimp API you can connect a mailing list subscription form on your website to MailChimp so visitors can automatically subscribe to your mailing list.

How you will use the API will depend on how your website is set up. If you are using a Page Builder, there will probably be a mailing list module you can add the API key to, or you might be using a plugin or a theme that needs the API key.

The Instructions:

  1. You will need a MailChimp account – you can get one for free at
  2. Login to MailChimp
  3. Go to your Account page
  4. Click on Extras
  5. From the drop down click on API Keys
  6. Click Create A Key button
    1. Your Key has now been created
    2. Copy the API key from the box
    3. Keep a copy of the key handy
    4. Now paste the key into your plugin, theme or page builder module and connect away
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