Celebrant for You, Premium WordPress Theme set up case study

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

Celebrant for You is a new site for Suzanne Teague an Auckland marriage celebrant. Before contacting Web Matters, Suzanne had already decided on WordPress to run her website and had gotten as far as getting the hosting set up, WordPress installed and a WordPress theme purchased and installed. Things got a little tricky when it came to getting the WordPress theme to work the way it was supposed to, so she found Web Matters and asked if we could be of assistance. We were happy to oblige and within just a few short hours, we managed to turn the site around, getting the theme set up and the content formatted in a pleasing manner.

The Challenge:

Suzanne had gotten so far with the website but was now finding it a frustrating experience to continue with it on her own. She decided to find someone to help.

The Solution:

Suzanne came across Web Matters and made an initial enquiry about getting some help. We got back in touch and estimated we’d be able to complete the site in about 3 hours for her.

What we did:

Suzanne emailed through all of the content and artwork she had to Web Matters as well as some instructions on the look she wanted to achieve with the theme. We then started on getting the theme to look and function as required. We uploaded the logo, created banner graphics for the homepage sideshow, added in all of the content, resized images and chose which ones were appropriate for different pages. We set up the sidebar widgets, added in a Facebook like box, customised the testimonials page, tested the contact form, added a XML site-map to get the site indexed by Google and lastly search engine optimised the website for ‘Auckland wedding celebrant‘ and ‘Auckland marriage celebrant‘.

Here’s what Suzanne had to say about the process:

“There is nothing more frustrating than having a vision for your website and not being able to make it happen! I found the “perfect” Wordpress theme, reflecting the look I wanted for my website but getting it there turned out to be a steep and time consuming learning curve with minimal progress.

The best decision I made was to contact Michelle from Web Matters. Michelle picked up the challenge of my fledgling website and ran with it. She quickly grasped my vision, incorporated the elements I had chosen and then took it to the next level.

I am now the proud owner of a gleaming new website; all completed within record time and to spec. I can now confidently direct clients to my website knowing it reflects well on both my business and on me as an individual.”

We’re really pleased we could help Suzanne realise her creative vision and wish her all the best with her new website.

The Final Result:

The website can be viewed online at http://www.celebrantforyou.co.nz

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