My attempt to write a blog post in fifteen minutes

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

As I write this blog post, it is 11.42am. I’ve just completed my morning’s admin, and finished off the final writing and SEO for a website. It occurred to me, that I should spend the next 15 minutes writing a blog post to see just how far I could get with completing and publishing a blog post. Why would I want to do this you might be wondering?

Well, blog writing is hard work. It can take up a lot of time. But it occurred to me, that within 15 minutes of talking to a client or a prospective client I would most likely give them some valuable information about getting the most out of their website. Plus, if I know I can write a blog post in 15 minutes I am far more likely to do so.

So, here I am attempting to write a blog post in just 15 minutes that will provide some actual useful information. The only problem is that it is very hard to organise your ideas in just 15 minutes. It’s now 11.48am!

I’ve certainly taken a lot of time to write my previous blog posts. And I’ve often wondered if they achieved anything for me other than making me feel good about writing a blog post and being proactive about marketing my website. The fact is though, that I frequently get enquiries and phone calls about new work, without having to cold call. And I believe a lot of that is directly due to the amount of content I have on my website.

Just last week, a new client mentioned they decided to call me and no one else based on the strength of my content.

What then is the valuable information contained within this blog post? Ok, here goes. Blogging is worth the effort, but I would not recommend losing half a day to blogging if it is just you in your business. As a self-employed person, we should be doing at least 5 billable hours a day. So losing 4 hours a day to writing a blog is probably too valuable a use of your time. Plus, I think the longer we write the more redundancy we add to the blog post. So keep it short and snappy and to the point. Make it interesting, friendly and informative and conversational in nature. Wow, it’s now 11.56am and I have just one minute to complete this blog post and hit publish!

It’s now 11.58am and I’m over time! So yes, it’s rather hard to write something in just 15 minutes (unless it’s a grocery list). And, now, by the time I’ve uploaded a featured image for the blog it is 11.59am.

Postscript: It is now 12.03 pm and I have proofed, corrected and edit the blog post for hopefully the last time.


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