Be Consistent and Persistent to Ensure a Successful Website

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

Being consistent and persistent is a little maxim I have developed for updating my website. It’s a simple philosophy I apply to my design and content.

Like everyone else in business, I’m busy doing the work that makes me money and I can easily let months go by without updating my own website or publishing a new blog post. I’m so preoccupied with creating other people’s websites that mine gets neglected.

After a longish period of not paying sufficient attention to my own website, new business enquiries tail off and my rankings in Google being to suffer.

So here are some of the things I try to remind myself of, so I get back into regular updates.


1. Be Persistent with your Website Updates

Persistence is a continued effort or being determined in your actions towards a goal. The goal is to have a website that greatly assists your business through generating new leads, making new sales, alerting prospective clients to your existence. The website presents you in a credible and professional manner. A website with really old content and no recent updates is a sure fire way to ruin your chances of being credible online.

If you are like me, you are always gaining new insight into how people value the services you offer, how they evaluate them, and why they chose you over the another company. These new insights need to be incorporated into your website website as you go, so that small incremental changes will add up to a powerful message.

Tip 2: Put someone in charge of the website

It’s vital that someone within your organisation is responsible for managing the website. Website’s are often a company’s ‘hot potato’ with the job of looking after it passed around from one staff member to the next. The consequence is that very little ever changes and when it does there can be inconsistency with the overall tone and messaging.

Tip 3: Be Consistent with your Website

Consistency is ensuring a uniformity in your website updates. Being consistent with how you present your content. This includes:

  • Being consistent with the language and the tone of the writing you use. Don’t switch between ‘I” and ‘We’.
  • Reinforce the key messages you want to get across and avoid being vague or ambiguous. If people can’t understand your ‘offer’ they won’t buy from you.
  • Stick to a design and layout. Preferably the one your web designer created for you. All too often a web designer hands over a beautifully finished website (with content management) only to discover months later that the client has decided they don’t need to follow the style guides (or they simply forget about them). The result is a mishmash of looks that can be incredibly off-putting to your website visitors.

What then, could you improve about your website today and how can do do it consistently?

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