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Last Updated on November 19, 2020

Can you blog your way to new business? In my experience the answer is definitely yes.  In fact, on the strength of a company’s blog I’ve recommended them to several of my clients – and the clients have gone on to use their specialist service.

If you are new to blogging, here’s a quick run down on what it is, and why businesses should embrace the blog.

Blogging is the verb used to describe updating a web log (Blog). Blogs are used to publish articles which are listed chronologically, by category, and also via ‘tags’ (which are keyword descriptions of the content). Blogs started off as personal online journals, but are now a mainstream marketing channel and businesses all around the world are capitalising on the power of blogging.

With a blog your online business can bypass the traditional forms of media and PR, and create a dialogue with your customers – allowing you to participate in conversations about your business online (rather than being a passive observer as many companies have been).

Blogs can be sorted by date and subject. Visitors to the blog can leave comments about the post, and these comments can be moderated by the blog administrator who can approve or delete the comments. Blog posts can be syndicated via “RSS’ which stands for ‘really simple syndication’. People can then get updates about the blog through their RSS reader or through a service like Google reader.

Here’s a quick summary of business blogging benefits:

  1. Blogs can often rank really well in the search engines because they are rich in words and due to their linking structure
  2. It’s a good way to publish information that may not fit that well on a corporate or e-commerce website
  3. People read blogs for entertainment and information, with communities developing around a blog – having a community around your website is extremely valuable
  4. Blogs are written informally, and informal writing is more accessible to a wider audience
  5. Shows you have expert knowledge in your area
  6. Helps you reach the right people by providing information that is highly targeted and relevant to their interests or needs
  7. Blogs have an obvious ‘voice’ and are very personalised, so your readers get to know your business as a collection of people rather than ‘product offerings’
  8. People can subscribe to blog posts through RSS so your latest information is ‘pulled’ to the users computer via RSS (and viewed in a reader like Google reader)

Ready to get your business blogging? We can install a blog to your website or re-develop your entire website so it incorporates and is run by your blog.

Contact us to find out more.

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