E-commerce Models for Selling Online

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

When selling online you can pick from a number of different e-commerce models including real product and intangible product sales, making money from advertising through having a content rich site (Google AdSense), charging businesses to list on your online business directory, subscription sites which give people access to specialised information or tools, and lastly matching and networking sites.

Sites can use multiple e-commerce models, but whatever model or models used, all e-commerce sites only succeed if they get a critical mass of users coming to the site. The model or models you choose for your site will also affect the functionality you require, and the complexity and therefore the final cost of your site.

Even if you have a large budget, it’s still a wise idea to phase your website development if you decide to integrate different models. You can start by going online with just a brochure site that uses ‘buy now’ PayPal buttons. Then move onto a full e-commerce shopping system, and add other e-commerce models on top of the site as you go.

If you add a blog or a forum to your site, you may find a large community develops around your website and they would like to start trading with each other through your site – so you have the opportunity to make a commission.  Your power shoppers may also want to buy in bulk and have access to special pricing when they login to the site.

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