Some of the bloggers we’ve been working with recently

Last Updated on November 19, 2020

A large part of our work is helping WordPress bloggers with their websites. Sometimes they just need an hour or two of our time to get a few things sorted. Sometimes we start from scratch with them and do the installation and set up of their WordPress theme and get them started with a few blogs.

Of course the best way to illustrate just the type of work we can do is to give examples, so here are some of the bloggers we’ve been helping out recently.

Bean Scribbling

This is an Auckland blog written by journalist Mary Ann Percy a.k.a ‘Bean’. The goal of the blog is to help Auckland parents locate interesting and child-friendly activities and outings in Auckland. Web Matters assisted by evaluating and testing the WordPress themes that were thought suitable for the blog. Once a theme was settled on (from WooThemes), Web Matters then installed WordPress and the theme and did the initial set ups and content. The blog was then handed back to Mary Ann for ongoing updates.

View the blog online at


The Worlds of K.D. Nielson

K.D. Nielson is a Christchurch-based fantasy writer. He was looking for a blog to help promote his fantasy e-books that he sells online via Kindle on Amazon and Smashwords. An American, he moved to Christchurch with the US Navy as part of Operation Deep Freeze. He is now including his earthquake experiences into his latest book. Web Matters helped Kevin find a suitable WordPress theme that would work well as a writer’s blog. We set up WordPress hosting, installed WordPress and the theme and made modifications to the theme as required. We also recommended a Facebook page presence for Kevin and added the Facebook Like ‘face pile’ to the blog.

View the blog online at


Eat Lose Win

Eat Lose Win is a nutrition blog written by registered nutritionist Bronwen King. The blog has information and advice on how to eat food that “looks after your health, weight and taste buds”. It’s the kind of common sense nutrition advice that everyone can benefit from. The blog was already online when Bronwen asked Web Matters to help tweak a few things to make the blog more visually appealing.

View the blog online at


Tamahere Forum

This is a news blog for residents of Tamahere and is written by local journalist Phillipa Stevenson. The blog has comprehensive information about Tamahere attractions and businesses as well as recent news from Tamahere. Web Matters have been working with Phillipa for a while now, helping initially to move the blog to a self-hosted WordPress installation. We’ve also been there providing support with ongoing WordPress updates and customisations of the WordPress theme used on the blog.


View the blog online at


Need help with your blog?

Get in touch if you need even just a small amount of help with your WordPress blog. It could be a small change to the theme you are using, backing up and upgrading your WordPress installation, or help with search engine optimisation of your blog. We can assist you quickly and efficiently.


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